Listed below are methods for females people in Jordan.

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Feminine Hygienic Items

Kate states: there are several choices for pads, but where we remained in Irbid tampons had been quite difficult to locate. I experienced to go to the only real grocery that is large when you look at the city (Carrefour) as well as just had one brand name choice, that was very costly.

Tampons are not so popular because numerous Jordanian ladies genuinely believe that if you are using a tampon you will be not any longer a virgin. But, you can find absolutely those who use them and Amman might be a simpler spot to locate them.


Kate says: no experience is had by me with this particular area.

Suggested Gynecologists and Health Practitioners

Kate claims: no experience is had by me using this area.

Dating Locals

Kate says: Jordanians generally speaking see American or Western women as free, and a person who just isn’t of center Eastern lineage will immediately attract more attention. As being a total outcome, I didn’t date while I happened to be there. Be mindful of supplying information that is personal, and become conscious that just just what might seem courteous to us as Westerners may come off as “flirtatious” in their mind.


Kate states: Catcalling and honking are particularly typical from males of all of the many years towards ladies of most many years and events.

LGBTQ Friendly

Ladies’s Rights

Women’s Rights

Kate states: ladies are perhaps maybe maybe not equal in Jordan. As an example, ladies are perhaps not permitted to ride into the seat that is front of taxi. Males are needed to do this, but it is viewed as poor for almost any lady. If your car that is personal getting used, females can stay anywhere or drive.

Regional Females

Kate claims: a difference that is big international females and Jordanian women is perception of the time! Often individuals put up conferences but will likely not make it until a full hour or two after it supposedly begins. Everything moves more gradually, which is ok using them.

Women-Specific Surroundings

Kate claims: there are lots of cafes around city which are reserved for males. Prior to going into anyplace, specially later on at make sure that there are Jordanian women or families present and that the place is not just filled with men night. It is extremely popular for males to head out and smoke hookah or play cards together.

Perception of Foreign Ladies

Kate states: folks are extremely friendly consequently they are constantly trying to make a link. About relatives they have that live there since I am from the U.S., people always tell me.


Kate claims: Taxis are the very best. The buses are confusing in my opinion. You need to be careful never to just simply take taxis alone through the night, and get clear they will try to overcharge you that they need to use the meter or.

Shady Areas for Women

Kate states: Anywhere at alone is generally bad night.


Kate claims: Wear clothing that is modest my basic rule is obviously elbows and ankles covered. Steer clear of any such thing sheer or really tight. Make certain which you dress gently during summer, since it can get hot!

Methods for Women Travelers in Jordan by Deva Kellam

We felt frightened in Jordan just once. For a walk with two of my roommates from our apartment to an area restaurant, a white mustang began after us. The tinted windows rolled down and compliments poured down. My roomie recommended as we might not be able to get back to our apartment without them following us home that we skip dinner at the restaurant.

Rather, we chose to walk to the college where certainly one of our teachers could assist us get someplace properly. Once we approached the busy primary road, the folks within the automobile noticed they would not be in a position to follow us further. For you! Before they sped off, one young man shouted, “We will wait”

I felt angry, uncovered, humiliated, and frightened at one time. But it to the school, another car drove up unexpectedly–this time driven by the son of one of our professors before we could even make. He offered all of us a trip towards the restaurant as well as taken care of our dishes.

From the trip returning to the apartment he explained us and most definitely were not going to be waiting at the corner of our street that they probably hadn’t meant to scare.

Regarding the trip back into the apartment he explained us and most definitely were not going to be waiting at the corner of our street that they probably hadn’t meant to scare. Because of the right time he dropped us down during the home, we felt just like safe as we had back.

The thing I remembered many about this experience had not been the harassment (that was never fine, whatever the men’s intention), but alternatively the sri-lankan girls dating sites unprecedented and honest generosity that people received. A great deal of my travel preparations had focused on making certain i might be safe in Jordan, where we assumed i might feel susceptible.

If only given that We could fully appreciate it that I had spent time preparing for the connectedness and security I would feel in Jordan so. With that, listed below are six things wef only I would have understood before planing a trip to Jordan:

6 Things If Just I Knew Before My Jordan Trip

1. How exactly to prepare

According to where you remain and your degree of proficiency in Arabic, authentic food could be tricky to find or intimidating to search out. Simply just simply Take this as a way to discover ways to prepare Mediterranean meals straight through the supply! You will lay aside a considerable amount of cash by cooking yourself and also fun exercising your Arabic in the act.

More to the point, insurance firms the equipment and abilities required to prepare a house prepared dinner, you’ll have the chance to take part in probably the most crucial element of Jordanian culture: hospitality. Absolutely Nothing can prepare you for the generosity and compassion you will experience as a visitor in a Jordanian house. Trust in me, you shall wish to offer a lot more than a “shukran” inturn.

2. Just just How to not ever simply simply simply take an image

Irrespective of where you might be, you need to ask before you take an image of individual or their home, but that is particularly essential whenever traveling in a country that is predominantly muslim.

It really is forbidden for many women that are muslim have their image taken if they come in hijab or otherwise not. It really is tempting to simply just take a picture of each and every brand brand new and unique thing you see, but remember that exactly what appears strange or funny to you personally may be an essential part of someone’s life. That donkey you merely snapped a photograph of may be your neighbor’s transport.

Exactly just just How could you feel if your complete complete complete stranger began taking photos of one’s vehicle? Research reports have really shown it is harder to hold the significant information on an event if you are taking a look at the globe by way of a viewfinder. If you’d like to obtain the experience that is full traveling, pay the digital digital camera any every now and then.

3. How exactly to navigate general public transport

As being a tourist or pupil abroad, it’s always best to travel in groups with a minumum of one male. Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply that you simply can’t properly enjoy your independency in Jordan from your peers or host family members.

The simplest way to achieve this is to use general public transport such as for example buses and vans. Cabs are very pricey and will just simply just take you inside a limited area. Further, you’re in an even more susceptible place alone into the backseat of a cab compared to a crowded coach. Probably the most empowering and experience that is engaging of whole journey ended up being having a coach from Amman to Irbid to visit my friend’s family members.

I’d neither a phone nor a map, simply a dictionary that is english-arabic the instructions that my friend offered, written on an item of paper. During the coach section, we sat close to a new girl near to my age and introduced myself. We revealed her my friend’s carefully written guidelines also it simply therefore took place that she ended up being going the way that is same.

Similar to that, I happened to be not any longer traveling alone. By having a smartphone or perhaps a map (or good instructions) and anyone to fulfill you at point ‘b’, you have got all you need to explore Jordan properly “on your personal. ”